Hey, I’m Taylor!

AN Email Marketing Strategist for Creative Entrepreneurs

We work with passionate, creative entrepreneurs who are determined to build authentic brand relationships.

Our clients are driven, community-focused, and eager to make a genuine impact in their industries. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

How It Began

My journey in Email Marketing began with a simple but powerful “Why.” I’ve been in your shoes, feeling overwhelmed by the impersonal marketing tactics that seemed to dominate the digital landscape. I saw the need for a different approach—a way to connect with audiences ethically and authentically. That realization inspired me to create Taylor Thinks Marketing.

As a creative entrepreneur myself, I understand the struggle of nurturing a community and selling offers with integrity. With 5+ years of experience in Email Marketing, I’ve fine-tuned strategies that have not only brought success to my clients but also enabled me to witness the transformative power of ethical Email Marketing.

My “Why” is clear: to help entrepreneurs like you thrive by forging meaningful connections with your audience while achieving your goals. I’m here to share my insights and email best practices to help guide you toward Email Marketing strategies that truly resonate.

Our Approach

At Taylor Thinks Marketing, we empower you to harness the potential of Email Marketing for your creative entrepreneurship.


Fun Facts About Me

 I believe the day doesn’t start until that first sip of a chai tea latte warms my soul. It’s practically a legal requirement in my world.

Quality time with my family and friends is the ultimate recipe for a perfect day.

As a dedicated boy mom, I’m well-versed in the art of multitasking and making things happen.

I have a knack for reviewing fancy restaurants, uncovering culinary gems, and savoring the finest flavors.

Charming coffee shops are my second home, where each chai tea latte tells a unique story.

I’m an explorer at heart, with a passion for immersing myself in new cities and soaking up fresh experiences.

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